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Why Everyone Should Have A Change Jar


change jar

Why Everyone Should Have A Change Jar


Everyone should have a change jar, The key is to not stick your hands into the jar when you want money. Some people like to use clear jugs or jars. I recommend painting them or placing paper taped over it. This will help you so you are not tempted to sneak your hands in there for a loonie or a twoonie.

Having a change jar is a great way to reward yourself for all your savings and effort and hard work you have done for paying off your debt and sticking to a budget. When you are always paying with cash, keep your change, don't use your change to pay for your items. Keep you change and when you get home put it into your jar.

Make sure you write down how much change you put into the jar, so you can balance it with your budget. Other wise your number will be off. You will also want to figure out what you would like to save for, I recommend starting off small, like a new pair of shoes, a day trip somewhere with the family, you may even want to cash in at the end of every month and take that extra money and put it towards your debt to help pay it off faster. Which will then allow you to save more money and have more money for bigger and exciting things.

Just think this will help you on your way to becoming debt free, and will provide you with a reward for all your hard work for paying off that debt and not accumulation more debt.

So start that change jar today! Let us know in the comments if you have a change jar already and what you are trying to save for!

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