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What Are Your Needs?


We are all very different, each and every one of us. We all have different wants, needs, expectations, experiences, memories, dreams, etc.

All of this helps shape us to who we are and who we will become in the long term and it also effects everyone around us. There is no right or wrong answer, it's all just personal preference.

A saying that really resonates with me relates to this - "if you're needs are few, they are easy to meet. If you're needs are many, they are difficult to meet".

This is very apparent with two friends, the first we will call Friend A - he lives a very simple life, very basic living arrangements, rents and does not own, goes on vacations once a year, has an older car, often takes the bus and makes approx $30,000 a year and works 35 hours a week. He is very happy, rarely does he get stressed, has his evenings and weekends off work. Friend B - he lives with a medium to large house, he owns 2 cars both less than 5 years ago, goes on vacations at least twice a year, makes $80,000 a year and works 50+ hours a week. He is happy, often very stressed and often spends his weekends and weekends working.

Who is more successful? Some people may say person B as they make more money and has more and fancier possessions, with all this being said, he does work much more and has less free time. Others may say person A as he has a simpler life and more time away from work.

Either way there is no right answer, it's all based on personal preference.

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