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Ways to Save Money at Work

Most people see going to work only as a place to make money, if you are a good planner you can make it a place to save as well. Most of us really have no idea how much it costs us to go to work. Yes, it does cost us money!

First of all, think of the transportation costs, unless you walk or ride a bike to work, chances are you have a cost associated with commuting to work, this may include a car, taking the bus, paying for a taxi, etc. Depending on your job, see if you can negotiate with your direct manager to work from home 1 day a week. You will need to prove that your productivity is not impacted but often people are actually more productive working from home. If you have this opportunity and want to keep it, you will need to demonstrate that it will benefit the company - make sure you show this by being extra productive and don't abuse lunch breaks and other breaks. If this is not an option, is carpooling an option? What about taking the bus instead of driving? Perhaps you could even walk or ride a bike? Look at all available options.

Drinks, Snacks and Meals are a huge expense for those of us who work away from home. Too often we end up eating out or at the cafeteria or buying drinks or snacks from vending machines. Not only is this often very unhealthy, it can be very costly as well. By changing your habits around this you can often save lots of money. First start by looking at the drinks/beverages you consume both at work and the journey to and from. Are you pre-buying these from a grocery store? Or are you stopping at Tim Hortons on the way to work and buying drinks at work? If you aren't already, we strongly recommend pre-buying your drinks from the grocery store whatever they be (coffee, water, pop, juice, etc), buying like this is often much much cheaper than buying individually. Coffee is often a large expense for several people, can you make your own coffee at home for the drive in? Perhaps you and the team you work with can bring a coffee maker in and split on the coffee grinds to make it. Pop is also another big expensive, buying from machines is very costly compared to buying packages from the grocery store.

Brown bag your lunch! Bring in your lunch everyday, don't waste money going out to eat. One technique that works well for me is during dinner preparation the night before work days, make an extra serving to take into work the next day. Also where possible prepare lunches the night before, it is much easier to do this then wait until the morning of.

Depending on your job/career your work clothes could get expensive and costly. Make sure you watch for sales and buy accordingly. Consider buying from second hand stores. Another great place to find good work clothes at a great price is liquidation stores.

Communicating with the outside world is sometimes needed, if your work allows it - use your work e-mail and phone line at the company opposed to using your own cell phone to send/receive e-mails and phone calls. This should help keep your cell phone costs down. Remember - make sure that your employer and manager are ok with this.

If you work on call or from home, see if you can use a company phone or submit your expenses so the company pays for when you use your personal phone line for work purposes.

If you travel for work, this includes short trips between offices - make sure your submit these expenses so you can get reimbursed.

Use your work benefits, some people don't even know that their employer offers benefits and employee perks. Make sure you stay educated on what your company offers and when and if you are eligible for these.

Let's all work together and make work a place where we earn money opposed to spending it!

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