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Ways To Avoid Out Of Stock Sale Items


Ways To Avoid Out Of Stock Sale Items


We have all been there before where you hear about some amazing sale from someone and you jump in your car and race to the store where this once in a lifetime deal is taking place, only to find that they ran out of stock on that item after the store has only been open for 15 minutes. Or even worse, The store never even had the stock to begin with because the shipment did not even arrive on time.

What can you do when this happens? Well most people just give up, get back in their car and drive home regretting the time wasted and the opportunity lost. Others will buy another similar but much more expensive item from the same store in a classic bait move that will add loads of dollars to the stores bottom line. Neither scenario ends up being a good idea. So you will be happy to know that you can do much better!

Here’s what you do:

Ask For A Rain Check

Many stores offer something known as a rain check for this very purpose when a item goes on sale and they sell out to fast. If and item is out of stock, the store can write you a rain check on a slip of paper that entitles you to one or more of the item you cam to purchase at a future date. By the time they get more of the item in stock the sale has already ended. So this piece of paper is essential to secure you deal.

Often time front line employees and cashiers will not offer to give you a rain check. You will have to either ask them directly for on or go to customer service and ask them. So make sure you make a point to ask the next time you are faced with a out of stock situation. Not all stores will you a rain check either, but it can never hurt to ask.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the fine print of your rain check as well including the following:

-Does it have an expiration date, if so when is it?

-Do you need to call them to confirm stock, or will they call you as soon as it comes in?

-Is it only good for one item or can you get as many as you want all at the sale price?

-Can the rain check be used at any store with the same brand, like Canadian Tire, or is it only good at that one specific location?


Get Them To Order It In For You

Depending on the type of item you want and the store you are dealing with., you might be able to ask them to order one in for you from a nearby store or in a different city. If they cant order the item in, you can either have them check there system for stock in other stores or have them call other stores in the same area and ask them to reserve one for you if they happen to find on in stock somewhere else.

This works best with more expensive items such as furniture and televisions. Some employees wont call around looking to see if they can find you toilet paper or such.


Ask For A Discount On A Similar Item

A great trick to try when a store is out of stock is to ask them if they can substitute a similar, but preferably higher priced product for the one you were originally looking for. This can definitely be a hard sell at most places, but it isn't unheard of and if you are decent negotiatior you might walk away with something even better then what you were hoping for at the same price.

Wal-Mart is very good for this I know when milk or butter is on-sale and they are all sold out of the item, you can just find a employee and let them know and ask if you can get the other higher priced brand for the sale price. They are usually really good for doing this.


Price Match The Item At A Competitor

Many stores these days offer price matching. For example Wal-Mart, Future Shop, and Canadian Tire all have price match guarantees that you can take advantage of. Some price match policies have some pretty hefty restrictions so you might strike out here as well. The local competitor must have the exact item in stock for the price match to be accepted.


Check For Stock Online

If the retail store doesn't have the sale item you are looking for in stock, then you should definitely check out their website to see if they might have it in stock there for the same price. If they do, hopefully you will be able to score free shipping or some other online savings codes to help save you money and to make sure it doesn't end up costing you more.

The only downfall with this is you will unfortunately have to wait a few days for your item to arrive, but it is still much better then striking out completely and not getting the item you wanted. You can also use online stock as a way to validate the price match with a competing store if they complain that the store of origin does have any remaining stock

Buy The Item You Want Before The Sale Starts

This used to be a great way to guarantee scoring a high demand sale items and door crashers without having to wait in line or get up early. What you would do is go into the store a day or two before the sale is set to start, and purchase the item you want at the full price. Then once the item goes on sale and all the stock has gone you would go back to the store and ask for a price adjustment or return and repurchase the item at the cheaper price.

Unfortunately, most stores have caught on to this and they either have policies in place to prevent this or will actually remove the product from the store shelves or hold back their stock until the sale actually starts. With that being said places like Wal-Mart is still good for doing this. I think its 14 day period, where if you buy something and if it goes on sale within the 14 day period just bring your receipt to customer service for a price adjustment and get some money back!

When All Else Fails: Wait!

When a sale item is out of stock and you have feel like you have tried absolutely everything, your last resort is to simply wait. Most regular sales go in cycles and if you wait long enough the same item will go on sale at a similar price if not better than before There are definitely exceptions where it is a one-time only offer.

You could also just wake up and realize you probably don't really need the silly item anyway and that it was just a want because it was such a great deal! right?

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