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Walking – A Basic, Simple Way to Exercise

Many people are looking for ways to stay healthy. Gym memberships are skyrocketing, home exercise equipment is contently flying off the shelf, training DVD's are constantly being sold. What's the problem with all of this stuff? They all cost money, some of them cost a substantial amount of money.

The funny thing is, depending on your desired results the free solution can be right under your nose. Just by spending 30-60 minutes walking a day you can dramatically increase your health and slowly but surely get into better shape. You might not get the huge hulk hogan biceps, but you will save money.

Walking can also lead to running which is a great cardio workout. Start out by planning on going for walks, you can start off small by making them only 30 minutes at a time, slowly increase how much time you are walking and slowly pick up the pace. You may or may not want to transition to running, but you should still attempt to work on walking a little faster. You don't need to "speed walk", just walk a little faster then your regular stroll. Aim to eventually make the end goal 60 minutes (1 hour), you can make this longer, but I am estimating approx 1 hour is the longer amount of time that the average person has to devote to this without causing much impact to their life. Remember we are not aiming for a sudden drastic change, we are trying to slowly and surely work up to something.

The trick behind thing is you are timing you walk, you aren't just going based off distance, the idea is your distance will gradually get longer and longer which will lead to more exercise.

Walking might not be as sexy or as macho as going to the gym, but it does have its benefits and one of those is it is free!

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