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Various toys by Bensus Imports Recall



This really frustrates me! I usually look at the recalls and warning list for Canada & U.S. but when i find i recall that is still on store shelves for people to buy really frustrates me

Example This toy in particular was recalled in April 2012 well I actually recently purchased this toy last month  in February 2013 at DOLLERAMA where it is still being SOLD!!

So why is it still on store shelves!! :@

So frustrating! This is why I encourage people to look at the Recall/Warning list frequently because the news can't broadcast every recall/warning!


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This recall involves the following toys distributed by Bensus Imports.

  • Learn & Fun Puzzle & clock is a shape sorter for children. The frame is in the shape of a clock. In the centre there is a clock face with a long and short hand. Around the clock, there are different coloured shapes that fit around the outer side.
  • Intelligence writing board has a shape sorter puzzle, which can be removed to reveal a black writing board with chalk and a sponge eraser.
  • Super motorcycle is a bump & go motorcycle with flashing lights & sound effects.
  • Tit Tup Working is a dancing construction truck with light & sound. The clear white wheels light up and the dump on the back of the truck moves up and down.

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