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Upgrading Your Deals for the BEST Experiences

Getting a great deal and the best price can sometimes comes with sacrifices, the cheapest option is often not the best. Let's take a quick look at one deal on Wagjag. This deal is for tickets to see a Greg Frewin magic show in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Here's a little screenshot on what the offer is, how much it costs and what exactly you get:


There are 2 different options which is based around how many tickets you are interested in getting. In both cases the seating is all in level 6. Now this could be good or bad, without visiting the official home page of Greg Frewin you would never know. Here is a screenshot to show you where the seats are located:


I know the picture is a little small, but the stage is in red and at the bottom of the image, section 6 is at the top. So these tickets are the furthest away from the stage. This is a great deal, but you may or may not like the seats. So we have a few choices, we can pass and not bother going, we can pay full price for the seats we want, or we can negotiate!

It might sound weird but yes, we can negotiate. In many cases you can actually speak with the merchant and ask that you pay a fee for the upgrade. In this case we would need to call or visit the Freg Frewin theater and ask if we can pay to upgrade our Wagjag voucher to sit in a better section. In most cases they will oblige. It's a win/win, you will still end up with a great price and they will still get your business. Just make sure that the upgrade price that they give you still makes it a deal - look at what you have already paid and add the amount that they will charge for the upgrade and compare to the regular full price. In most cases you will still get a great deal.

This does not only to group buy websites like Wagjag and Groupon, this also applies to any business with any deal. It's always important to ask, the worst thing that could happen is they might say no.

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