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Unsweetened Cranberry Juice for Mouthwash




Unsweetened Cranberry Juice Mouthwash:



Unsweetened Cranberry Juice has many wonderful effects for you. Research has shown that cranberries may help control the growth of E.Coli, Proteus bacteria, and H. Pylori ( A bacteria linked to peptic ulcers and stomach cancer). Cranberries have also been shown in research to may have a antiviral and anti-fungals properties as well. It's even believed you should drink cranberry juice if you feel like you have or do have a bladder infection

Because the cranberries fight against bacteria this is why it has been suggested that cranberry juice can be used as a mouthwash. Just make sure you are using a sugar-free cranberry juice. Regular cranberry juice contains a lot of sugar and wouldn't work against good oral hygiene often promoting tooth decay because of all the sugar.

Just take a mouth full of your favorite brand of unsweetened cranberry juice and swish it around. It will kill all moving bacteria it comes in contact with and helps break down plaque. Since it is somewhat acidic it should only be used a few times a week. But because it is tasteful and pleasant to use you can swallow it.

We even recommend mixing it into your homemade toothpaste for flavor and extra bacteria fighting needs.

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