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Time for a Vacation? Make Sure Your House is Ready!

So you're ready to go away for your vacation, hopefully you've saved your spare change to pay for this vacation. Before you leave, make sure you get your home ready, if you're not going to be there why pay more than you need to.

Unplug Any Electronics and Appliances that you can. Electronics and appliances still consume electricity even when they are turned off, if you unplug them then you will save yourself in unneeded electricity charges. Keep in mind - leave your refrigerator and any other essential electronics and appliances plugged in. Anything else that is not needed - unplug! Your TV, DVD Player, computer, monitor, washer, dryer, dish washer, alarm clock, etc -unplug them all!

Adjust your thermostat. If it's Winter, turned it down a couple degrees, if it's Summer turn it up a couple degrees. There is no point in paying to keep your house at the ideal temperature if you're not going to be there. Many thermostats are smart these days and you can even schedule this so that by the time you return the temperature is back to your ideal level.

Adjust your water heater. Often you can either turn it off or even just turn it down while you are not there. If you're not going to be using the hot water, why pay for it.

Turn off all of the lights, use a timer on a few. Most of the time you don't want to advertise to the world that you're not home, this could make you a target for criminals and people that you don't really want knowing this. Put a timer on a couple lights in the house, make sure these lights are energy efficient, but make sure the rest of the lights are turned off.

Empty out your refrigerator and freezer before you leave, there is no point in keeping unneeded food that you're not going to eat around, you can also save a little bit by not keeping it cold. It's much easier on the fridge and cheaper to keep just a few items cold opposed to keeping a full fridge cold.

Most of all, if you're going on vacation - Have fun! You shouldn't need to worry about money on your vacation, just follow the tips above and have the piece of mind that you've left your house in an extremely energy efficient and money saving state!

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