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Time for a New toy.. I Mean “Tool”

For the past little while, for "on the go" pictures, I've been using either the camera off of an iphone 3GS or the camera off of a Blackberry Curve 9360. While these are fun little devices, the quality of the pictures sometimes just doesn't cut it, also the lack of flash can be very limiting. Our main camera is a large pain in the butt to carry around, I used to have a small portable camera, but over the years it stopped working.

I decided with the website going in the direction it is, that it was time to upgrade and get something a little better to show off our awesome finds. With this in mind, I set my goal to find a reasonable camera at a cheap price this weekend. The criteria was find a reputable brand priced under $100 before tax, at least 10 megapixels, built-in rechargeable battery, takes SD cards, has a flash, reasonably small and compact.

I ended up with a Fujifilm Finepix JZ100, while it's not the latest and greatest, it met the criteria fairly well. This nice little camera was on sale at Future Shop for $79.99 ($29 off) and came with a free case. I didn't care about the case, but I will take it if it's free! You can view the deal here.


Hopefully you will also see an increase in quality of the pictures we post! Enjoy!

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