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Thrift Store Shopping



Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift Store Shopping is a great simple way to save money. If you want to save money on just about anything and everything around your home you can do this by purchasing items used at a Thrift Store, Consignment store, Yard sale and classifieds).  This includes everything from Clothes, Furniture, Nic Nacs, Dishes, Decorations, Shoes, And more.

Why Thrift Stores?

Want to save money then start buying used it is simple as that and you will not only get great quality for less but you will save money while doing it.

We most of our shopping for these items at thrift stores and online classifieds like kiji as well as garage sales. With having two young kids who seem to grow out of there clothes and shoes every other month this is a great way for us save hundred's of dollars.

Thrift Stores can often be overwhelming for your first few times. They are large stores with thousands of items with hundreds of new items daily available for you to sift through. It could be hours for you to be able to go through everything if you don't know what your looking for.

You will want to go to thrift stores often and most bigger thrift stores such as Value Village and Talize have a monthly email newsletter for you to sign up for. They will email you there in store promotions that will be going on. If you live in Ontario be sure to check out Talize because everyday they have a 50%off a different color Tag. You will want to be on the hunt for these tags for the items you are looking for or need to save even more money.

Be sure to check out the thrift stores often, some days you will find what you are looking for and others you may find you wont find anything. Trust me when I say you will find that fantastic piece you are looking for at amazing price. You will want to try and visit your local thrift store once a week if not every other week. They are always putting out new merchandise on a daily basis for you. So you will always have a chance at finding that something you love. The more often you go the more of a chance you will find that perfect item for you.

Always double check everything you buy 

Make sure that everything you purchase is in the condition that you expect. If you are buying clothing, examine it closely for holes, stains tears etc. If you are buying books make sure there aren't any pages colored or torn out. If your buying furniture, make sure that it sits they way you want, there is no significant damage. If your buying dishes or nic nacs make sure there isn't have chips or breaks.

Pay attention to things like toys or stuff you would plug in to the walls. Toy could be missing pieces or are broken. When buying puzzles or board games be very careful of missing pieces. For items like toasters, dvd players, alarm clocks they may not actually work. Most thrift stores have a outlet for you to try these items before you buy.

Clothing Quality Check

Have you every thought you found a great article of clothing at a thrift store that looks amazing but you haven't recognized the brand name? If you are not sure if an article of clothing is of good quality, give it the feel test. Find a cheaper brand name of clothing like the Walmart Brand and feel the quality of there clothes and compare it to the one you are interested in. If the feel of the item is same or worse than the brand name probably isn't as good. If the clothing feels nicer or better quality then you have probably found a better quality.

If you have a phone you can always Google the brand name and see what the reviews are for that type of clothing.  You will always want to go for the better quality in clothing items, you will find they will last you a lot longer than the cheaper brands.

Consider buying these at thrift stores

Most people go to thrift stores to buy clothes or dishes, But have you every considered buying bed sheets, towels, pots and pans and even drinking classes?

These items are very cheap at the thrift stores and you can easily find some great deals. When buying towels, bed sheets and even clothes make sure you wash them all first before wearing/using them. I also like to add a cup of baking soda to the water to help kill any germs and give it a brighter clean.

Getting to know the Employees

If you visit your thrift stores often, you will quickly start to recognize employees and they will start to recognize you. Be sure to be polite and say hi how are you doing.

When you are friendly with the store employees, they are more willing to help you find what you are looking for, give you exciting information on there next sales, and may even help you find exciting items that haven't even been brought out yet. They store employees know the store better then you so make sure to become friends with them.

Rules of the Thrift

Don't go in a thrift store looking for something specific, Sure you can go into a thrift store having something in mind that you would like to find, but never expect to find it. Instead, be willing to look at everything and purchase items you need not want. Remember your trying to save money not spend it.

If you find 10 shirts you absolutely love but you only need 1 or 2 well why spend that extra money on the other shirts instead just get 2 or 3 shirts.

Sure, you can go into a thrift store having something in mind that you would like to find, but don’t expect it.

A lot people go into thrift stores spending hundred's of dollars on clothes and other items they don't need. They think wow this is such a great item or what amazing price I have to get it. Then they are over spending there budget and money on want items now. You have to distinguish your wants and needs before you purchase anything. Remember your not going there to break the bank by saving money on items you want or don't need.

Item Transformation

If you come across a old dresser, table, desk. Keep in mind when looking at these items you can always paint them to transform them into something great. We did this for our kids changing tables we found two great dressers perfect size we painted the one pink for our daughter and just added a changing table mat to the top. We did the same thing for the other dresser but painted it blue. When our kids got older we just removed the changing table and now they use them as there dressers.

If you come across a couch or chair you really like but your not a fan of the color or pattern. Consider re-upholstering it or buying a cover for it to spruce it up.


Be sure when you get home you wash everything you have bought. Dishes make sure you wash them before use, toys I recommend wiping them down with antibacterial wipes if they cannot go in the dishwasher or sink.

Clothes, towels anything that can go in the washing machine add a cup or two of baking soda.

Furniture give a wipe down inside and out.

When buying books before to flip through the pages at the store and give a shake out, want to be careful of bedbugs inside.

There is no right or wrong way to shop at a thrift store but going into a thrift store knowing what you need will always help you in the right direction.

The amount of money you can save, and the remarkable items you can find at thrift stores is truly astonishing and I recommend every give it a try.

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