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The Beginners Guide to Couponing


Step 1 - Find the Couponsdres have coupons on the shelves, on the back of receipts and even at the registers, keep your eyes open and look around.

  • Online – There are many coupon sites available that provide printable coupons, many manufacturers also offer printable coupons.





From these websites you have the option to get coupons mailed directly to you or print them right from your own printer. Also note that these website have hidden portals to coupons you dont find by going directly to there website. Don't worrie though we are doing the work for you by finding and posting them on our website, forum, facebook and twitter.

Just by going to these sites alone you will have a nice collection of probably 20-40 coupons.

  • Magazines – Many magazines that target women and home or home repairs contain coupons, if you subscribe to any magazines, do a quick check through them to see if you can find any.
  • On the packaging of products – several products actually have a coupon on the packaging which you can cut out and use on your next grocery store visit.
  • Newspapers – Check your local newspaper listings for any advertisements or cut out coupons.
  • Junk Mail – It’s not junk if you can find a usable coupon, it only takes a few minutes to weed through this but the results may shock you.
  • Manufacturer or Store e-mail lists – Join e-mail lists and they will often email coupons, deals and other useful information.be sure to check out are
  • After you have recieved a bunch of coupons and realize there is some you will probably not use, you can alway join a coupon train in your local province!


Step 2 – Stay Organized

  • Find a container/packaging to hold your coupons, this can either be something you currently have or even something from the dollar store. You will likely want multiple slots to help you sort.
  • Develop your own filing system, find out which system works best for you – several couponers organize by department/category (eg. Produce, dairy, frozen foods, etc), others by aisle, alphabetically. Just find out what works for you.
  • Keep your coupons up to date, throw out expired coupons and don’t hoard them.
  • Stay organized and file your coupons based on your filing system the same day as you get them. The key to success for this is organization.


Step 3 – Other Misc Tips

  • Keep your coupons with you at all times, you never know when you might find a great deal.
  • Match coupons with sales, when a store is having a sale, double dip and use the coupon as well.
  • Each store will have a unique policy regarding coupons, if you frequently visit particular stores, make sure you educate yourself with their policies.
  • Use multiple coupons for the same product when possible, sometimes you can get a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon – often you can use them both at the same time.
  • Request/Purchase extra papers, if you know the coupons are good for a week and they are valued more than the paper, then stock up!
  • Use the coupons with a BOGO and double dip.
  • Ask the store if they accept competitor coupons
  • Visit the clearance/discount section and see if there are any products you can use your coupons with.


We hope this helps you accumulate your coupons and stay organized.  After you have acumulated all your coupons and realize that you have a bunch you wont be needing then look into doing a coupon train. Dont know what a coupon train is dont worrie we have post about on oursite.


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