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Spring and Summer Are Coming! Spring Cleaning Time!

Winter is almost over! Most of us probably can't wait. This is the perfect time to start getting ready for spring cleaning. We personally have a mass cleaning twice a year where we go through all of our belongings in every storage area around the house.

The idea is not just to clean the house but to also start to get rid of items which we no longer need or use. This is also the perfect time to start planning for a garage sale. If we are getting rid of our old belongings, why not try to make some money from them.

For higher priced items, you could also consider selling on eBay, kijiji, craigslist, etc.

A garage sale can take a fair bit of time and planning, but if you are organized you can often make a few hundred dollars of extra cash. Anything that does not sell can be donated to shelters, thrift shops, etc.

Here are a few tips if you plan on having a garage sale:

  • Sell higher priced items via other methods (ebay, kijiji, craigslist, etc)
  • Get all of your items prepared and pre-priced in advance
  • Buy signs and distribute them to direct traffic from main roads to your garage sale location
  • Consider taking an ad out in the paper
  • Post the garage sale on classified sites (such as kijiji, craigslist, etc)
  • Talk to your neighbors to see if they are interesting in making this a street sale
  • Go to the bank beforehand and get change and small bills
  • Get tables and shelving for your items in advance
  • Get friends or family to help on the day of if possible
  • Keep all cash on you at all times
  • Write down what you sell and for how much
  • Have a good breakfast the day of, you will need the energy
  • If possible, have a radio turned on in the background playing music suitable for all ages
  • Be friendly and great everyone
  • Get ready to negotiate
  • Have fun!


Even if you don't have a garage sale, spring cleaning is still a great thing to do. Having a nice tidy and clean house is a great thing and you will also be surprised at how many things you have that you forgot about.

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