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Spring and Summer Are Coming!


Finally, the nice weather is coming, time to say goodbye to winter and snow! Lets start to take advantage! Turn your furnace off or set it to circulate only.

Get out and start walking or go for bike rides - this is not only good exercise but also great to avoid using the car and save money on gas in the process!

Make sure your furnace filter and vents are clean - the cleaner these are the easier it will be for your furnace to circulate the air when you need to turn your air conditioner on.

Make sure you have all your car maintenance done, make sure all the fluids are topped up and tires are properly inflated, by doing this alone you can get better mileage from your vehicle.

If it's a little warm, try just opening your windows opposed to using fans or air conditioners for now.

Have a barbeque! Get outside and cook instead of going out for dinner or grabbing take out.

Keep the lights off as much as possible, the days are getting longer, it's getting light out earlier and staying light out later - take advantage!

If possible, hang your clothes outside instead of using the dryer.

Regardless of what you do, get out there and enjoy your summer! Before we know it, winter will be here again soon!

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