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SnapSaves and Checkout 51 – A New Way of Coupons and Mail in Rebates

If you haven't heard of SnapSaves or Checkout 51 by now, it's time to check them out!

How SnapSaves and Checkout 51 Work:

After Joining SnapSaves and/or Checkout 51, sign-in to see your current offers, you will receive a list of items that you can receive cash back on, if you see anything you are interested in, add them to your shopping list (Checkout 51 currently does not have a shopping list, however SnapSaves does)



After you have made your purchase, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!

Once you get home, you will need to take pictures of your receipt(s) and upload them to SnapSaves and/or Checkout 51. They will review and process your receipts based off of the cash back offers available to you and will credit the cash back to your account. Once you hit the payment threshold (currently $20), they will issue a payment. You would be shocked at how quickly this adds up.

The other neat thing about both SnapSaves and Checkout 51 is they also both have a mobile app that helps with the process. I have been using both of these companies for almost a year now and have been very happy with the savings from them.

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