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School and Offices Cutting Printing Costs


One big thing that several schools and offices are now doing to cut costs is to severely cut back on paper and printing. While this not be a huge shock to anyone, I'm sure most people have experienced places requesting not to print anything unless it's mandatory or setting the printers to print double-sided (printing on the front and back of the paper).

One thing that the schools in our area is starting to do is to go totally green. Any permission slips or forms are now emailed opposed to distributed via hard copy. Where it gets interesting is the parents of the children now need to print them and return them to the schools in hard copy. We have a feeling that this will change soon, but for now the schools are effectively passing the cost for paper and printer ink on to the parents. This is obviously not the greatest feeling for the parents, but it's a good idea for the school to save money.

Offices are now taking a similar approach, many are now only issuing performance reviews electronically opposed to hard copy, the upside for this is at least the employees don't need to print this at home! The interesting part about this is while this will be saving money on paper and printer ink, there are additional costs associated with this. Not many people will think of it like this, but there is a cost to store documents electronically.

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