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Saving Money Grocery Shopping Without Coupons


When most people think about saving money buying groceries, couponing is normally the first thing that comes to mind. While coupons are a great way to save money, often there are products which rarely or even never have coupons (think meats and produce).

There are other ways to save money on groceries, so if you are or are not using coupons, these tips and tricks will hopefully help you out.


Use smaller portions

It has been reported that nearly 50% of the food produced on earth is wasted. If we are more careful with our portions, we can help cut this back. We are by no means telling people to under-eat or starve themselves.  Just cook as much as you need, if you find you are constantly throwing food out, try to cut back on how much you prepare/cook. The other part of this is to actually eat your left-overs, how often do you find that you put leftovers in the fridge and instead of eating them, they end up in the garbage – it happens to the best of us.


Buy No-Named/Generic Products

Several years ago, this would have seemed unthinkable, but these days some of the generic brand products can be even better than the big named brands. The other great thing is often these types of products will come with a “money back guarantee”, so if it doesn’t appeal to you – you can often return it and get all of your money back. By buying the generic brand you can save an estimated 10-50% per product, the savings really add up!


Make your own food, do not buy prepared foods

The great thing about this is you will likely actually be eating healthier as well as saving money so it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. When you buy prepared foods, you are paying for the ingredients, marketing, preparation, etc. If you buy all the ingredients and make the same thing yourself, you will save money and be eating healthier.


Change your expectations

Don’t expect to be having a big steak dinner every night. Have your Kraft Dinner once and a while and save that extra money. Make sure you also include your fruits and veggies to ensure you have a balanced diet, but there is nothing wrong with “eating on the cheap” a few nights a week.


Drink Water

This may strike some as being odd, but by drinking water you are saving money on the beverages and possibly even on food. Let me explain, when people feel hunger, it is the same feeling as dehydration. If you don’t drink your daily portions of water, you will likely feel hungry. Drink you water and it will help you feel full.


Price Match

Watch your flyers, make sure you shop at a store that will price match and when applicable use your price matching to help save money.


Shop at a Grocery Store and not a convenient store

Convenient stores are made to be convenient, thus they charge extra for bring convenient. Most of the time the grocery stores will have better and fresher food and better prices.


Buy Bulk when it makes sense

I’m by no means suggesting you stock your shelves, freezer and fridge, but depending on what you are buying, it’s often much cheaper when you buy in bulk. If you are going to eat the food before the expiration date and you can store it, why not?


Hopefully these ideas and suggestions help you with your shopping. Keep checking back for more ideas on how to save money!

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