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Playtex Mommyville – Free Charts, Checklists, Baby E-Cards, & Tracker



Have you been to Playtex Mommyville?

If not you can download for free these great products to help you with your baby needs! Also be sure to sign up for more exclusive offers and coupons.

“Share every moment” with E-cards which sends pictures, update and announcements to all of your friends and family.

Baby Tracker – Monitor your patterns in your baby’s daily activities.

Immunization Chart – Keep track of your baby’s vaccination dates with this easy-to-use chart.

Emergency information Sheet- This will help make sure you and your family have the emergency phone numbers you need handy (poison control, Doctors Etc.)

Baby Proofing Checklist – Use the Playtex baby proofing checklist to make sure your home is safe and secure for your child

Baby’s First Year Checklist – A list of essentials for you baby’s first year

Big Baby Steps – Here you can find a rough idea of what you can expect from your baby from one month to one year.


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