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$5.00 off Swiffer WetJet or Sweeper-vac
$1.50 off Swiffer Sweeper/Dusters Starter Kit
$1.50 off Swiffer Refill
$1.50 off Swiffer Dust & Shine
$1.00 off Cascades Action Packs
$1.00 off Cascades Rinse 901ml
$1.00 off when you buy 2 Dawn products

General Household
$1.25 off  when you buy Bounty (exc single Roll), Charmin (exc 4pk) or Puffs (exc Single Pk)
$0.50 off Bounty Paper Towels (exc Single Roll) or Napkins
$0.50 off Charmin (exc 4pk)
$0.50 off Puffs tissue (exc Single Pk)

$1.00 off  Febreze product
$3.00 off When you buy 2 Febreze product
Buy any 1 800ml Febreze Fabric Refresher get a FREE Febreze Car Venting Clip

Health & Beauty
$0.50 off  Always (Pantyliner's, Ultra Thin or Maxi) or Tampax (cardboard applicators)
$1.oo off  Always Infinity, Pearl, Compak Pearl or Radiant Tampons
$3.00 off Nice N Easy when you buy any 2
$1.00 off  Nice N Easy
$1.00 off  Pantene products
$2.00 off Pantene Expert
$1.00 off Head & Shoulders
$0.50 off  Vidal Sassoon Hair Care
$1.00 off Vidal Sassoon Hair Color
$1.00 off  Natural Instincts Hair Color
$3.00 off when you buy 2 Natural Instincts Hair Color
$5.oo off when you buy 2 Olay Moisturizer, Cleanser or Treatments
$2.00 off  Olay Body wash, or Hand & Body Lotion
$2.00 off Venus Razor or Disposable Pk
Buy any Venus Blade Cartridges FREE Satin Care Gel
$5.oo off  Gillette Blade Cartridges when you buy the Gillette Razor
$3.00 off Gillette ProGlide Styler
$1.oo off  Gillette 3blade Disposables
Buy 1 Gillette Shave Preparation Products Get 1 FREE
$1.00 Old Spice (deodorant or bodywash)
$3.00 WUB2 Old Spice (deodorant or bodywash)
$2.00 Covergirl

$ 1.00 off  Tide Detergent (liquid or powder)
$1.00 off  Tide to Go, Tide Stain Release OR Tide Washing Machine Cleaner
$1 .00 off Tide Pods 14ct or more
$1.00 off Downy Unstoppable s + Tide Pods
$1.00 off Tide Free Gentle or sensitive products
$0.50 off Downy or Bounce products

$1.00 When you buy 2  Iams Dog Food Cans
$1.00 Iams Shakeable Treats
Get FREE Iams Dog Food Can when you buy 3.3lb or more Dry Dog Food
Get FREE Iams Cat Food Can When you buy  1.5lb or more Dry Cat Food
$2.00 Iams Dry Cat Food 1.5lb or more

Oral Hygiene
$4.50 $1 Crest 3D Toothpaste + Rinse + OralB Manual Toothbrush
$1.00 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste or Rinse
$2.50 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste AND Rinse
$4.50 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste + Rinse + Floss
$1.00 Crest 3D Toothpaste or Rinse
$2.00 Crest 3D Toothpaste AND Rinse
$7.00 Crest Select Whites strips


$2.50 When you buy 2 Febreze/Swiffer/Mr. Clean or Gain products
FREE Febreze Stick & Refresh WUB3 Febreze/Swiffer/Mr. Clean or Gain products
$1.00 off Duracell Coppertop or Ultra Alkaline Batteries
$2.oo off  any Duracell NiMH Batteries OR Hearing Aid Batteries
$4.00 off any Duracell NiMH Charger
$2.00 off Pampers Diapers/Pants AND Wipes
$3.00 off  When you buy 2 Pampers Diapers OR Pants
$2.00 off Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers

$1.oo Febreze product
$3.00 off when you buy 2 Febreze product
FREE Febreze Car Venting Clip When you buy 800ml Febreze Fabric Refresher




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