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Paper Mache Eggs



Easter is around the corner so instead of spending lots of money on Easter decorations we will be posting some great ideas on how to save money this Easter for you. First where going to start you off with this awesome fun craft for you and your kids.


Papier Mache Eggs


1.)     Assemble the supplies you need

-    Strips of Newspaper

-    Glue (click here for recipe)

-    Paint

-    Varnish or Acrylic spray clear

-    Balloons




2.)     Blow up the balloons into a small shape, about the size of an egg and tie a knot at the end of it.

3.)     Prepare the Newspaper but cutting it into strips about 1 inch by 6 inches you may find you want smaller pieces or larger pieces its really up to you.

4.)     Prepare the Glue by mixing the flour and water (Click here for Recipe)

5.)     Start by covering the small balloon with the glue and add three layers of paper strips to it. Also make sure to cover the knot, as this will form a nice pointy end just like an egg has. You may find you will need to add a bit more glue to the paper to make sure it sticks.

6.)     Let the egg balloon dry. This should take anywhere from 8-12 hours.

7.)     Paint your eggs however you wish for kids just let them use nontoxic kid’s friendly paints. Adults try using tempera paints to paint a single color layer first. Let this paint layer dry first.

8.)     Add patterns to the eggs for Easter use patterns such as lines, dots, circles, etc. things you would normally see on Easter eggs.

9.)     After the paint is dry brush the eggs with a clear varnish or spray with a clear acrylic finish. Let dry before using.

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