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Pack a Cooler instead of buying drinks


Pack a Cooler instead of buying drinks

We drink a lot of water, pop, and juice and we use to only just bring one water or pop or whatever for us to drink when we went out. Then we found ourselves spending anywhere from $2.00 - $20.00 alone just on drinks depending on where we were. We normally go on day trips, the Mall, or just a drive on the weekends and spending anywhere from $4.00 - $40.00 in one weekend just on drinks that is $16.00 - $80.00 a month. So now we have a cooler which we pack before we go anywhere! Even if we are going shopping to a couple stores I pack the cooler. If we are going to eat out at a fast food restaurant I pack a cooler with our own drinks. (Did you know it is cheaper to just buy your sandwhich and fries instead of getting the combo with a drink?)

We have saved so much money by doing this. I have even been getting in the habit of packing snacks for all of us to now. I just haven't found the right bag to carry our snacks in.

But the cooler we are using works perfect with our stroller and its just basic lunch cooler that holds around 4 pops and 5 bottle waters.

If you are going to a amusement park, Zoo, Mueseums or really long car rides be sure to back a lunch and or dinner for you and your family. If its nice outside even have a picnic somewhere.

Try keeping a bag full of prepared snacks like goldfishes, crackers, cookies, chips etc. near your door so you dont forget it on your way out. You don't want to keep in the car becasue depending on the weather they could go bad.

If you are coffee or tea drinker prepare enough and put in a thermos to help keep it nice and warm. Some coolers are even good for keeping stuff warm.

I hope this spraks a bright idea and hopefully helps you with saving money.



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