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Our Trip to the Canadian Tire Home & Auto Show

Our Trip to the Canadian Tire Home & Auto Show!! Today we went to the Canadian Tire Home & Auto Show in Downtown Toronto!

We paid $20.00 for parking and admission to get was free It was packed and you were getting bombarded with free samples, Coupons everywhere! We even got free samples from Buddy's from Cake Boss!!!

We ended up walking away with 5 bags of freebies!! I am more then sure we could of got more but the kids where getting tired and cranky so we ended up just leaving.

Home&autoshow pic 1

home&autoshow pic 2

This picture above we have, Wet Ones wipes, Energy efficient light bulb, airfresh balls for your car, fishing lure, Bissels carpet cleaning wipes, 2 Finnish quantum Samples, 2 Gatoraid, pens, hats hats and more hats, hockey stick hats, gum, deck of cards, 2 water bottles, packs of gum and so on!

home & Auto Show part 3

3 mr.clean magic erasers, Full size Swiffer Duster, lots of car fresheners, 4 Toronto Maple leafs posters, 1 pair of working gloves, 4 diet coke soda stream refill drinks, oil can piggy bank, 2 foam cars, 2 energizer bunnies, 8 foam car wheels, $6.35 in Canadian Tire money, Key Chains with lights, Bottle opener keys chains, Car USB chargers, 3 Mens Ties, a bunch of different Cleaners for around the home and Car... I will try and get some better quality pictures up soon!!

home& auto showcoupons

Tons & Tons of different coupons!! for Various things!!

Click Here for more information on the Canadian Tire Home & Auto Show



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