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Our New Way to Save on Water

I'm sure most do not know this but I like my drinking water and I am very pick on the taste, most people call my crazy saying there is no difference in taste across tap water, filtered water, different bottled water, etc. Regardless if I am crazy or not, I do taste a different between the above different drinking water sources.

Up until recently we had been purchasing personal bottled water bottles along with large water bottles for the water cooler. This can get costly and even though we do recycle and reuse - we feel it is not good for the environment.


Perhaps I am getting old, but up until recently I have never even heard of filtered water bottles, but sure enough they do exist. After some thought I decided to give this a go to see if we can benefit from the taste and benefits of bottled water along with the environmental friendliness of not having to recycle several bottles.

We found Bobble water bottles at a local Old Navy and decided to start with these. Below is what these bottles look like:


The filter is estimated to be good for approx 2 months. Once the 2 months hit, they recommend you replacing (only) filter and you keep the same actual plastic bottle.

So far, the taste has been comparable to other filtered water such as a Brita system. So far so good, the whole family is now drinking this and there have been no complaints yet. Let's hope it keeps up, we're hoping this will help us save some money as well.

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