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Making Your Own Crayons From Broken Crayons



Making Your Own Crayons From Broken Crayons







Kids love crayons and coloring and parents usually have lots of crayons lying around the house. Broken crayons always seem to happen, or they just get smaller and smaller after lots of use. Instead of just throwing those broken used crayons away you can create your own new ones. I recommend using silicone pans, or chocolate molds. You will be able to create lots of fun new shaped crayons. You can put all the same colors in the same mold or try mixing one or two colors or lots of colors in one mold to create fun colorful shapes. These also make great gift ideas for kids because what kid doesn't love crayons! You can also use them to add to kids party bags for birthday parties! This is a cheap way to replace your crayon supply instead of having to spend money on brand new ones.




What you need:

1.) Crayons, that are peeled and broken

2.) Ovenproof Molds

How To Make:

1.) Preheat your oven to 350F

2.) Make sure all paper is off crayons and break or chop with a sharp knife.

3.) Separate the colors of the crayons

4.) Place the pieces of crayons in your molds.

5.) Place in the oven to melt about 6-8 minutes. Keep your eye on the crayons and take out as soon as all the crayon pieces have melted, otherwise you could burn them.

6.) Let Cool, After they have cooled to the touch, I recommend placing them in the freezer for about 10 minutes to speed up the process. Then remove from molds and repeat if desired!

You can also melt the crayons in a bowl in the microwave and pour the colors into ice cube trays, or other molds for you to use. Just make sure once you see the crayons starting to melt you remove from microwave and stir. You do not want to burn the crayons!



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