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Making Your Own Colored Sand



Making Your Own Colored Sand

Kids love playing in sand and which kid wouldn't love playing with colored sand.

Step 1.) Gathering Sand

If you can gather sand in jars or bags at the beach and bring home, or you can purchase sand at the store. You can even by colored sand at the store for double the price. Why, when you can make your own for cheaper. If you have gathered your sand from the beach you are recommended to sift through the sand to get unwanted objects out.

Step 2.)Preparing The Sand

Place the sand into a jar or a plastic bag. You will then want to start adding water to the sand. You want all the sand to be wet just make sure there isn't left over water sitting in your bag.

Step 3.) Coloring Time

Add the food color to the sand and stir. Make sure you stir and mix the sand really well to cover all the sand. Add more food coloring to the sand for a darker color sand.

Step 4.) Drying

For best results you will want to place the sand on a plate outside in the sun to dry. This will help the sand to dry faster for your kids to be able to use faster.



You can now use your color sand after it has dried for your kids to play with in there sand box or you can now use your sand for sand art.

There are many different types of color sand art, You can buy some fancy glasses, vases at the dollar store and add your color sand to your bottles. Then securely add a lid to your bottle. You can also put glue on a piece of paper and add your color sand to your pictures.

So Try making your own colored sand to save you money from having to pay double in stores for colored sand.

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