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Mail Call April 5th 2013

Mail Call April 5th 2013

Mail call april 5th 2013 part 2


Today I we were super Excited to receive our Fed Ex Canada Panda Bear which my Daughter Rachel Loves!

I also Got my Save.ca Coupons I had some problems over at save.ca but thankfully they fixed them and sent me a bunch of coupons that you can get anymore which was nice. I also got my Free product coupon (FPC) for 1L Natrel Baboo Milk and Free Product Coupon (FPC) for my package of mini kinder eggs that i won during the contest that is now closed.

I also got my new pair of prescription glasses from clearly contacts which only cost me $30.00 after using their discount to get my first pair free using code FPF at check out. I also got the Coatings Value bundles which was $19.99 and then needed to pay for shipping and taxes.

With that being said paying $30.00 for a pair of prescription glasses you can't go wrong! Normally you pay $100 along just for the frames!

My favorite thing about Clearly Contacts is you have 365 days to return them if you don't like them anymore and they will pay for the return shipping!


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