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Magazines – Don’t Fall Into the Trap!

Magazines are one of the most marked up items being sold. Does it surprise you when you consider that schools and other non-profit organizations use magazine subscriptions for fundraisers?

I'm not going to preach that you shouldn't read or that you shouldn't read magazines, I just want to help educate people on the best and cheapest way to do it!

First off, look online, see if you can review the same articles in your magazine online for free. If you can't read them for free, see if the magazine offers an online subscription, this is often much cheaper than a printed subscription. There are even apps depending on if you have a mobile device that you can use for this as well.

If an online subscription isn't for you or just isn't available. Then look into a regular printed subscription, this often cuts the price per magazine in half compared to buying them individually. Also review the length of the subscription compared to the cost, sometimes if you subscribe for 2 years opposed to 1 it becomes even cheaper per magazine.

With this all being said, the worst possible thing you can do is buy magazines individually from retail outlets. The cost per magazine is much much higher when you buy them individually.

Another tip is many magazines will actually offer a 2 in 1 subscription, where you pay the yearly fee and they will deliver the printed version to your door each month (or whatever frequency that the magazine uses) and you will also have access to their online digital magazines as well.

Remember - DO NOT buy magazines individually!

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