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Learn To Save On Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons

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Learn To Save On You Grocery Bill Without Coupons


There are lots of ways you can save money on your grocery bill without coupons. I know many people hate having to go though coupons and caring them around or even just forget they have them. So  I have a created a list of many different ways you can save money without using coupons! If you follow these steps you can save a average of over $500-$1000 a year on your groceries! So lets get started on some grocery store savings!

1.)First thing you need to start doing is making a grocery list and sticking to it.  People who can avoid impulse spending can save up to 23% on their grocery bills. So making a grocery list and sticking with it is a great way to shop.

2.)Buy Generic Brands instead of Name Brands can save you 25% on your groceries bill compared to spending it on name brands. Sometimes generic brands don't taste as good as brand names but you can work around this. For example if real cheerios taste better then the generic brands, buying the generic brand for your toddler they probably wont notice a difference. When it comes to everyday products such as sugar, flour, vinegar, salt, cleaning supplies etc. Most people don't even notice a difference except for there price. Just make sure you don't ignore the brand names when they go on sale for cheaper then the generic brand.

3.)Most stores these days are starting to break down the price for you on the labels. So forget your calculator and start looking at the labels. Example you are looking at buying paper towels, you see 6 rolls, 12 rolls etc, they all have different prices, they all have different amount on each rolls, Now you can see how much it would cost you per unit, You always want to purchase the cheaper unit. The same will go for other products such as cereal, toilet paper and so on. This will allow you to leave your calculator at home and quickly find the best deal

4.)Did you know you can save around 10% on your shopping and gas at the grocery store just by price matching competitors flyers. So always make sure you bring your flyers with you when you go grocery stores to save even more on the things you love. This sort of thing I know doesn't appeal to everyone, but if you want to save money on your groceries this is a great tip to follow. I find Wal-Mart to be one of the better price matching stores, but there are lots of stores out there that do price match. We love price matching on our produce, meats, and other things. Lets say Sobeys has green  grapes on sale for $0.99 lb nd Black Diamond Cheese 500g  for $4.44 you are shopping at Wal-Mart for these things, Make sure you grab Green grapes, and the 500g Black Diamond cheese, Wal-Mart is selling both these items for more, you when you are at the check-out place the flyer down on the belt and put the items you are price matching onto the flyer. When the cashier gets to the items you want to price match point them out or have them already circled in the flyer for them to see.  The cashier will then automatically change the price for you saving you money. Just think if you save $2 a week just from price matching that is $104 savings in a year!!

5.)You can save at least ten percent by shopping at a grocery store that price matches competitor’s flyers. Make sure you bring your flyers with you when you shop to cash in on this. This sort of a tip doesn’t appeal to everyone, but if you want to save about ten percent on the annual cost of your groceries, this is a great tip to follow. For a family of four, this tip can save $1,150 per year. Wal-Mart stores that sell groceries are great places to do this, and apparently the Real Canadian SuperStore will also price match. However, the SuperStore does not advertise this. Some other grocery stores may also match competitor’s prices. Speak with a manager at your favorite grocery store to see if they will price match competitor’s advertised prices.

6.)Making your own meals from scratch is one of the biggest ways you will save money. Most prepared food will likely cost you more money and is not as healthy as making it yourself. Always try to cook a little extra so you can take for left overs for lunch the next day. This will help you from spending your money at work on lunches.

7.)Stop buying bottle water, Many cities offer water from the tap that is just as clean or cleaner the bottle water. Why waste your money on buying bottle water when you can drink your tap water for free.

8.)Never go grocery shopping hungry you will end up buying and spending more money then you intended because everything will look yummy.

9.)When possible go grocery shopping alone! Whenever you have to go grocery shopping with kids or someone else you will find you are spending more money and getting things off your list then you intended. You will notice All grocery store items geared towards kids are placed at their eye level.
Try going Salvage Grocery Stores These stores buy damaged or defective goods from major grocery chains and food manufacturers that are still safe to eat—the packaging just got damaged in shipping or it has the wrong expiry date printed on it. At these stores, you can sometimes save 50% or more.

10.)Did you know that you can save up to 32% on your fruits and vegetables by shopping at discount produce stores and farmers markets. With that being said not all farmers markets will save you money but most will. Stores like Sobeys sell premium quality produce for a big price. Discount stores will sell a lower quality produce at a significantly lower price. If you are looking for premium or organic produce you will then have to pay more for it, so make sure you are always checking out for sales and deals. Make sure you are always comparing prices at all your produce stores.

11.) Watching the price as the cashier scans your items is also very important. Try to make sure you remember the price of the items especially the sale items. If the product scans at the incorrect price you then need to let the cashier know about the mistake and ask for the scanning code of conduct where you can get up to $10.00 in savings. So lets say you have a item that is on sale and said its $4.99 and scanned in at $5.49 you are then allowed to get the first item free because it is under $10.00. I usually save over $500 a year because of the scanning code of conduct. So make sure you are remembering and watching the prices! CLICK HERE to learn more about scanning code of conduct


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