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Kraft Peanut Butter Canada

Kraft Peanut Butter


Kraft Peanut Butter Canada Announced that they will be coming out with 4 new flavors to try! Are you looking forward to try any of them and which one?


-Peanut Butter with honey

-Banana Granola Peanut

- Cranberry Peanut

- Cinnamon Granola Peanut

Comment Below!

I want to try the Peanut Butter & Honey!


CLICK HERE for details

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  1. Michelle Chow says:

    Hello, ipp. I have tried the Cinnamon granola raisin. There were hardly any raisin, a small hint of cinnamon and a lot of granola. The granola tasted honey-coated and the granola seemed to be in individual flakes throughout the peanut butter. I did not like the honey-coated granola, few raisins or the very light flavour of cinnamon.

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