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Did You Know That Water Can Save You Money?

This might sound weird, but it's true. Pay more attention to water and it could benefit your bank account. I'm not talking about the obvious benefits like conserving your hot water.

Have you ever watched what you drink each and every day? The average adult consumes 3.1 cups of Coffee a day. Think of all the other beverages that people can consume as well - pop, juice, tea, liquor, beer, etc. How much do these beverages cost?

If you can even cut back by 50% of the other drinks and change that to water, this will save you money. It's estimated that 75% of people in North America are chronically dehydrated, this means 3 out of every 4 people. Among the several symptoms of dehydration, one symptom that most people do not think about is you feel hunger. Most people will react to this by eating opposed to re-hydrating (drinking water). Just by drinking more water you will likely be able to cut back on your food intake and food bill.

If you get your average intake of water up, you will not only save money on the other drinks and beverages, but you will also likely save money on food as well. There are other obvious benefits such as your short-term and long-term health, which can get quite costly as well.

Those of us in North America are extremely blessed by having drinking water easily available and very cheap. Take the challenge and try to slowly cut back on other drinks and beverages and up your water intake. What have you got to lose?

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