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It’s Never Too Late to Start Saving


One of the excuses I hear for people not saving money is "it's too late", and yes, I did say excuses! It's never too late, despite your age, job or status, it's never too late to save and better your future. While it is true, you can take advantage of compound interest better if you start investing early - it's still never too late! Even if you are saving for a short period, you can see some decent returns with interest.

Even interest aside, it's always better to save opposed to go into debt to buy anything. It's also always good to have an emergency fund (money in the bank for rainy days). Unfortunately things happen and often they are out of our control, at least if we have money set aside for emergencies we are often better equipped to deal with them.

Regardless if what you may or may not save for, it's important that you don't just think about it (or against it) and just do it! What have you got to lose? Put aside a little bit from each pay, you won't never notice the little bit and watch it grow!

Remember, you are never too late and it's never too late to start, the important thing is making the commitment and actually doing it!

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