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IPennyPinch First Coupon Train



ALL ABOARD Train is a leaving this Monday!!

We are looking to start a coupon train! we are looking for 10 Canadian Residents who want to be apart of our 1st Coupon Train

We will start the train off with a bunch of our coupons and mail it out to the first person to sign up. They will then take any coupons they wish and ad as many coupons as they took out of the train envelope and mail it out to the next person on the list. ( Please make sure any coupons you ADD our VALID IN CANADA, because the iPP Choo Choo Express will be mailed out all over Canada, Please Make sure you do not add any EXPIRED COUPONS)

We request that you take no longer then 2-4 days to mail out to the next person. Once you have mailed out the coupon to the next person on the list we ask you us a email so we can let everyone know that the train is moving!

If you wish to be apart of our first coupon train please Contact Melanie@ipennypinch.com with your name and address

Be sure to like our Facebook Fan Page!!


** Note when signing up for the coupon train your mailing address and email address may be shared with the other train followers so you can receive the coupons and know where to mail them out next, along with getting updates on where the train is! 🙂 **

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