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How to Save on a Changing Table for your Baby



How to Save on a Changing Table for your Baby


So you are about to have a baby, Time to think about the things you are going to need for your babies room. The first thing you think of is a change table. Well instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on a change table that you will probably only use a few times for the first few months. You will want to consider buying a used dresser first. You can find a used dresser to suit your needs at thrift stores, yard sales even online at kijiji. You will be able to find one for around $5-$40 which is less than half price of a typical change table.

After you purchased your dresser you will then want to pick out some colors that match with your babies room. I recommend just picking no more than two colors to keep it on the cheap side and save yourself some time. Then paint your new dresser. You may need to sand some of it before you paint. Apply one to two coats of non-toxic paint to your dresser and let dry. Once your dresser is dry move it into the baby room.

You will then want to purchases a changing pad which usually costs anywhere from $10-$40 to the fancy ones. Majority of the changing pads will come with tabs and screws for you to screw into the dresser. This is a highly recommended, as you don't want the changing pad to fall off while you are changing your baby.

Now you have a change table for your baby. You can even consider taking out the dresser drawers or even one and applying some wood inside to use just as a shelf or you can just fill the drawers with your baby changing supplies, extra clothes in case they have a accident and so on.


Making your own change table for your child will feel rewarding because you created it yourself for your child. You will feel better about yourself because you didn't have to break the bank to go and spend lots of money on a change table that will only be used for your baby's first year of life. When your child is older and you don't need the change table anymore just remove the changing pad, you can fill the little screw holes with wood filler and you have a dresser now for your child.

Just think if you buying a changing table you will also need to buy a dresser. So just skip buying both and turn the dresser into your changing table!

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