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How to Save Money with Take Out

Recently we discussed how to save money when eating out, now it's time to discuss save money when ordering take out. First off, we strongly recommend cooking and just buying your own food at the grocery store, however if once and a while you chose to order take out, follow a few simple steps to save money.

Chose pickup over delivery - Pickup your food instead of having it delivered. Most places charge a delivery fee and in addition to this, it's often expected that we will tip the driver. You can dramatically reduce the cost of your meal by picking it up yourself. In addition to this, several places also offer walk in deals and pick up deals.

Pay cash - often some of the smaller family owned restaurants and food outlets will offer a cash discount if you pay cash, this will vary place by place, but the discount can often be 5-15% of your total order.

Don't order drinks - All places have a markup for drinks, if you don't have what you want at home, consider stopping at a grocery store or another place to get your drinks for a cheaper price.

Call ahead and ask if they have any specials - Sometimes places have advertised and unadvertised deals, it can't hurt to ask.

Check for coupons - make sure you check the newspaper, newspaper inserts and online. Remember that every place is different and will use different distribution methods for their coupons.

Check for an Online Discount - some places will offer a discount if you order through their website opposed to ordering over the phone or in person.

Check to see if the restaurant has a loyalty program, some places will give you a discount or a free item if you order a certain number of times for them or spend a certain amount of money.


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