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How to save money when having a child



How to save money when having a child

Having a child can be very expensive. Not just because of diapers, diaper cream, formula, Car seats, Strollers, clothes etc. I am constantly seeing and know many moms who feel like they have to have the best of everything. Not only because its for there child but, because they feel like they need to show off to other moms and think they will feel better about themselves for buying the absolute best for there child.

My friend Lisa at ParentsNeed and I both agree, that it drives us crazy when we see moms always having to buy name brand clothes, or expensive strollers and other things for there children to basically tell other moms that my kids are just as good as yours or better. I even met a group of moms at a meet up for infants once, who only put there kids in the name brand clothes, shoes, strollers and other accessories and basically thought little of you if you didn't. Meanwhile these families you know don't have a lot of money themselves because they rent there homes, have debt themselves, Always paying by credit cards etc.

So with that being said, you don't need to always go out and by brand new expensive things for your child. Remember they are children, They grow up fast! So instead of spending $10-$20 on a brand new out for your new born which they will grow out of in a month. Go to second hand stores, kijiji, even eBay to look for clothes for your kids. You will still be able to find name brand clothes but for a lot less.

When it comes to a crib, stroller I even recommend looking at kijiji, and second hand stores. We found a beautiful $600 crib on kijiji which was still in stores for only $100 on kijiji. We could of then turned around an even sold it for $100 when we were done with this crib, instead we gave it to our friends who were expecting there child to help them save money.

So when you are having children you have to remember to not always buy new. The only thing I recommend buying new when it comes to kids especially babies, is car seats. Everything else you will need I always recommend buying used. There is no need to spend money you don't have or your savings on brand new things for your kids. Remember they are always growing and there is no point in buying brand new. You will be happier because you wont be spending money you don't have and the money you are saving you can pay off other debts. We like to put the money we save away to go on vacation every year.

We have saved thousands of dollars with our two kids by not spending hundreds on brand new items to show up other moms and families. Just remember those families are going into debt and wasting money. You can put on a smile and think to yourself how you are saving money and will be a lot happier in the long run.


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