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How to save money on prom costs



How to save money on prom costs

Did you know that the average person can spend up to $500 on prom just one night of fun. With that being said females tend to spend more on preparations then males. Students and parents need to take steps to ensure they don't spend more money than they need to. You want to make sure you can have a good time without breaking your bank.

First and most important parents and the student will need to plan ahead and sit down months in advanced and negotiate a budge and how much is reasonable to spend. You will need to discuss overall costs and who will pay for what items. You will want to consider having a friend or family member to capture your memories for free rather than paying for a expensive photographer. Consider holding a backyard barbecue with your friends and family instead of having to eat out. Try setting up a carpool with other couples and split the costs of gas or a limo. When it comes to a dress you don't always have to buy new, really when are you going to wear that prom dress again? You want to consider looking at the price difference of renting a dress or better yet buying from a consignment clothing store. Make sure you are  looking months ahead of time at consignments stores before the event will give you lots of time to find a great dress. You can also even consider borrowing a dress from someone else. Having your hair and make up done can cost you hundreds of dollars. Try asking your friends and family to help you with this will save you lots of money. Utilize the accessories you already have or borrow from family or friends.

  • Notes that prom costs can vary considerably, depending on where you live and how formal the occasion. Add the cost of a limo, flowers, dinner, hair and makeup, tanning sessions, a formal dress or tuxedo, and prom costs can range from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand.

Prom As A Financial Lesson

Attending prom doesn't have to cost you a fortune, young adults can learn a valuable financial lesson from planning there own prom expenses. With a budge they can still have the night of there life without having that financial Burdon of debt.  So make sure if you are a parent or a student you sit down together as a family and create a budget of what is reasonable f or your prom. You will need to figure out as a parent how much you are able to put towards your child prom. Students you will need to figure out how much you can save each month for your prom. This is very important for students to learn how to budget and how to save money. Students remember people are going to have memories of what you did not what your nails or hair looked like on prom.



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