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How to save 50% or more on holiday items and decorations

How to save 50% or more on holiday items and decorations

When it comes to holiday most people love to decorate their homes. They find themselves out in the stores paying cost for most items and can spend anywhere from $40-$100 or more on decorations and items.  The best way to avoid paying the costs on these decorations and items is to write down the holidays you like to decorate for from Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Birthdays, Etc.  Then you will want to wait till plastic storage containers go on sale and buy as many plastic containers you will need for each holiday.

After each holiday you will find most stores the day after will have 50% off or more on all there holiday items this is when you will want to buy all your decorations and items. Depending on the holiday great time to get Valentine’s Day cards, wrapping paper, bows, stuff animals.  You will even find some stores after a week or two still have product left they will mark it down to 75% off or more this is a great time to stock up on anymore items you may want. Then once you have all your items together then put them in their own storage container and make sure you label it so you know what is in each container.

You will find you will save so much more dollars then waiting before the actual holiday itself.


When stores have these sales on their items think about what you might get people for this holiday the next season and purchase these items now while there discounted at more than 50% off and store away with your decorations so you don’t forget about the items you purchased for when that holiday comes around again.

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