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How to Make Your Magic Erasers Last Longer



How to Make Your Magic Erasers Last Longer


Magic Erasers sure work like magic. The one biggest downside is they do not last long. With that being said that is because of their cleaning power, their tiny pores get filled with gunk that is hiding in all the small spaces. Most people soak their magic erasers in water and scrub really hard with them. This will cause the magic eraser to dissolve faster. This is why I am going to let you know how to make your magic erasers last longer.


1.)   Either cut your Magic Eraser into half (going width wise) or  4 equal sized pieces (cutting them going along width sizes into strips) Just by doing this you will find you will get more cleaning out of your Magic Erasers

2.)   In Stead of running your Magic Eraser in water or dunking it in a pail you will want to use a spray bottle with water and either lightly spray your Magic Eraser of the item you are cleaning.

3.)   You are then going to scrub lightly, you do not need to use a lot of muscle power with Magic Erasers. After lightly scrubbing the area, take a wet towel or paper towel to the area you are cleaning this should clean up the rest of your dirt/grim and remove and residue. If you find that your stubborn stain isn’t completely gone, then you will want to repeat this step.

4.)   When your Magic Eraser Starts to get yucky just simply spray it down and then rinse the excess water out. You then can continue to keep cleaning until it dissolves completely or shreds.

I hope this will help you make your Magic Eraser’s last longer and save you money!

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