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Getting Books For Less


Getting Books For Less

Me and my husband our big readers and love to read. We are always looking for new books to read but don't want to pay cover or even 20% off. We have been finding that we can find great new books for less by shopping around a thrift stores. I recently wanted to read the hunger games series but didn't want to spend $60.00 on the set. While doing our weekend thrift store shopping we came across the trilogy set which was selling for $60.00 at chapters I was able to get it for $19.99 and the books looked like they were never even read.

We have found tons of new book that we are interested in reading that only came out 6 - 18 months ago there. When shopping at value village for books the most you will pay is $4.99 and when you buy 4 books you get the lowest priced book for free. We have value village great for our kids books which our priced at 99 cents each (don't forget the buy 4 get 1 free ) and they now have there own mini library. We liked this so much more then going to the library and taking out books because we know they are ours and don't have to worry about returning them on time and not having to pay the late fees.

I also recommend checking out yard sale/garage sales, these are great way to always find books for cheap. I have found many books at yard sales/ garage sales for under two dollars. The only down fall with the yard sales is that you tend to find a lot of older books compared to more recent newer books.

So if you know a book that you want to read and if its been out for over a year try checking out the thrift stores and even garage sales. Just be patient, especially if it was a very popular book I am sure you will find it for less.



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