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Get Ahead with Group Buys


I'm sure by now you've probably heard about group buys, especially with sites like Groupon and Wagjag who have both been a dominant force promoting and providing amazing deals over the past few years. You may have heard of these sites and likely even purchased from them before, but do you know how they work and how they get the great deals they offer?

It goes back to the simple idea that it is cheaper to buy in bulk. The founders of Groupon and Wagjag recognized this and found a way to make this benefit everyone even if they aren't interested in buying in bulk. Each deal on both sites often has a minimum number of purchases and until that number is met the deal is not set in stone. This means if you purchase the deal and it does not reach the minimum you will be refunded. This is a great deal for business owners as they will certainly be receiving a boost in business and advertising as well.

Businesses can also use this service to help fill gaps, think of Golf Courses, during weekdays and business hours they are often operating at less then capacity and have lots of time and space for more players. They can offer a discount on Groupon or Wagjag and specify that the offer is only applicable during certain days and times. This is a huge benefit to them, even if they are offering this deal with a significant discount, it's likely still better than having no one playing.

The great thing is, we as customers can benefit! So get over to Groupon and Wagjag and starting looking for deals!

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