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Free Tax Return with H&R Block Software

It's that time of year again, everyone loves to hate it! TAX TIME! Hopefully by now to help make the tax-man more lenient you have made some RRSP contributions, if not then it's still not too late, there are a few weeks left for your to contribute and still count towards your 2013 return.

Moving on, each year we have to decide how we are going to process and submit our taxes. I don't know if you have ever filled out the hard copies with a pen/pencil (I have), it's very long, time consuming and open for errors. Almost since the inception of tax software I have been using it. Hopefully you are in this habit too, not only does most tax software make it easier for us, it takes away much of the element of error and even offers suggestions and recommendations.

You have probably heard of H&R Block by now. They are a leading tax planning and preparation company. They help many people each year with providing assistance in filling out the paperwork associated with filing your income tax. The downfall is they do charge money for this service.

In an "interesting" move, H&R Block is now offering free software for you to complete your income tax return, they are saying this offer expires on March 31, 2014 so take advantage ASAP (who knows if they will extend this). They offer 2 different options, you can fill this outline or download their software to fill it out on your computer. In both cases the first return is FREE! If you use the online option, each additional return you complete (think of if you do a return for your spouse or any family members) costs you $9.95. If you use the software version, after the first FREE return, the next 10 cost $9.95 total (not each, total). This is a great option for families who work on this together.

Again, they are advertising that this offer expires on March 31, 2014 so take advantage ASAP, it's FREE so what do you have to lose?

Get more information on this from H&R Block's official website.


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