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Free 60ml Sample of Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel




Test your knowledge on our WebQuiz and if you win, a FREE 60ml sample of Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel will be on its way to you. Don't forget you can play as many times as you like, (although you can only win a maximum of one free product every 2 months). The test is around 11 questions long and even has a hint button you can use you must get a perfect score so if you get one wrong I recommend starting over.

Footwear Cleaning Gel™ Through use, footwear will pick up contaminants such as dirt, which attract water, masking the effect of any DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ cleans all types of footwear, removing contaminants and revitalizing DWR.

  • Cleans
  • Revitalizes existing DWR
  • Revives breathability

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