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Fiscal Fasting

You've probably heard the term fasting. The definition from dictionary.com is as follows:

verb (used without object)

1. to abstain from all food.
2. to eat only sparingly or of certain kinds of food, especially as a religious observance.
Fiscal fasting is very similar but instead of food, you are fasting from spending money. How it typically works is every month or every other month (or any specified time frame, it's totally up to you) you pick a week where you will fiscal fast. This means for this entire month you will not spend any money, in some cases where this is not possible, you will need to get creative.
For dining, this week can get very interesting, it also can show how creative you can get with the current food, ingredients and spices that you currently have in your house. It can actually be very fun to do. You never know what crazy concoction you may come up with. Remember - stay health, make sure that you still eat properly. Make sure the week prior to this you stock up on anything you need while staying in your weeks budget.
One challenge that you might face is how to get to and from work. Depending on your circumstances you can see if you can car pool, or walk or ride a bike. If none of this is an option, purchase a gas card the week prior (again, make sure you stay within that weeks budgets).
If you have any bills come in during that time, assuming they will not go past due, hold off paying until after your fiscal fasting ends. If you need to pay a bill then pay it, don't put a dent into your credit rating for this, but with some good planning you should be able to defer the payment into the next week.
Now, after this week is over, you should have a full weeks budget to put aside for savings or to pay off debt. It might take a few times to get used to this but doing a fiscal fast every once and a while can actually be fun.

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