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Favorite Kids Clothes what to do with them?

kids clothes



Do you have lots of kids clothes that are your favorite and you just don't know what to do with them? Here is two ideas on what we have been doing with them.

We would love to know what you do with your old kids clothes that you have to keep and why you want to keep them so please let us know.


Kids Quilt/Blanket


This idea I thought of when I realized I didn't want to get rid of some of my kid’s clothes that I loved and have special memories with.


Save a few clothes from each year that you have special memories with. I have been keeping birthdays, Christmas’s, Easters, Baptism’s, From day at the park or beach or playing in the snow, Even some from a Game night or movie night at home.


Then you can either wait till you feel you have enough or start right away which I have been doing. I find it gives me some free time to do something by myself and I even get my kids to help my telling me where to put the next piece.


Cut the clothes into squares I just cut a square 6x6 or 8x8 out of the clothes usually the front of the shirt where there is writing or a saying. You then start hand sewing each piece together. You can then take a old bed sheet to sew onto the back of it or stich the square right onto the size sheet you wish. In no time you will have a wonderful blanket or quilt you can give to your child or keep for yourself.


Bingo Bag


I have also been using left over clothes and from there onesie’s and I have made bingo bags for the grandparents by doing this.


Take a article of clothing from the kids clothes with a hat on it and use the hat to start with the base, and then use other left over pieces and hand sew like a basket for them to put there tape and whatever else inside. Then take the legs from onesie’s and hand sew them onto the base where they can put thier bingo daubers in. They loved them because they feel like they can bring their grand kids with them to bingo for a lucky charm.

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