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Enter to win Onyx Twist Necklace (Value $79 )



Medu Jewelry is giving one luck reader of Frugal Girls a chance to win a Onyx Twist Necklace (Value $79 )

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Fru-Gals Review of necklace!

This is an absolutely beautiful necklace. The gems are so bright and a true black, with a swirly type design. It is a necklace that I would not want to wear everyday but when dressing up for church or a special occasions like a wedding, stag or anniversary. The gems are solid, not light like plastic would be, yet feel secure on my neck rather than heavy. The clasp is awesome because it’s almost like a dual lock. It is very secure once connected and will not come undone easily so I don’t worry about the necklace falling off and getting lost or broken.


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