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Have Your Own “Electricity Free Day”

This might sound crazy, it's if you have never tried this, you should try it!

Have an electricity free day at your home, unplug any electronics and appliances that you don't need. Leave your refrigerator plugged in, but unplug your computer, tv, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc. During this day the challenge is to stay away from using electricity.

  • Either save your laundry and dishes for another day, or manually wash them - trust me, after manually washing and drying laundry you will have a new appreciation for a washer and dryer.
  • Instead of TV, play board games, read, play outside, etc for entertainment
  • Use candles (or flashlights) instead of using lights at night.
  • If you need to cook, it is understandable that you may need to use the stove/oven
  • Use your phone or a watch instead of an alarm clock

The end result is you will not only save electricity, you will hopefully also spend more quality time with the people you live with (if you live with anyone), you will hopefully get a new appreciation for some of your items which we sometimes take for granted (dishwasher, washer, dryer, lights, etc). This will hopefully also teach us that we don't need to always use technology to be entertained, it's not going to cut too much into our lives if we spend more time with people opposed to just watching TV.

Now the challenge if you last for the first one (and even if you don't), schedule this for once a month or once every 2 weeks, or even weekly. The savings might not be massive, but after perhaps you can apply some of these saving techniques to your every day routine. Do you need to have your washer and dryer plugged in all the time? Why not unplug them between use? Any electronic device or appliance that gets plugged in still uses electricity even if it not turned on - to prevent this, just unplug them.

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