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Eating Out on a Budget

We normally recommend people eat at home to save money and to eat healthier, but from time to time a little treat is in order. If you are going to eat out, there are a few things you can do to help save money.

Check your Entertainment Book to see if you have any coupons for the restaurant that you are planning on going to, or even look at the Entertainment Book for ideas on where to go. This can also be a great way to find new places to try.

If you're going to a sit down restaurant, consider skipping the appetizer and desert and just having a main entree. Consider just drinking water opposed to ordering expensive drinks. If you are there with your significant other, consider sharing a pop with them. Make sure you check before hand to see if the venue offers free refills, most places do but there are a few that still don't. Review any daily specials, some restaurants will also have hourly specials as well. Look at the appetizer menu too, often the food on their can make a great main dish.

If you're going to a fast food restaurant, consider drinking water (most places will allow you to bring your own bottled water in). Instead of ordering the combo, skip the side and drink and only order the main feature of the meal (if you're going to McDonalds, only get the BigMac and skip the fries).

Give feedback to the manager while you are at the restaurant whether its positive or negative, sometimes you could get rewarded a dessert or something else for just giving your honest opinion. Always remember to check your bill to ensure the amounts are right, it's normally not sinister but mistake do happen.

Above all else, remember to have everything in moderation. Don't make going out to eat a habit, but once and a while reward yourself.

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