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Don’t Burn Your Bridges


If you haven't heard of the saying "Burning Your Bridges", it just means ending a relationship in a bad way, it can be any relationship - friendship, employment, etc.

There was a story of how a girl quits her job on a dry erase board and her former boss responds in a similar method. This story made it's way around the internet and was featured on several websites and all over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There was lots of discussion on this on ethics, disclosure and basic principals. Later, this story was announced to be a hoax.

Regardless if this was a hoax or not, it should prove to be a good lesson to always end any relationship on a good note. You never know what the future may hold, so you want to ensure that actions from your past don't end up biting you in the behind. This is especially true with employers, you really never know when you will run into management from your old work. Depending on the size of the industry you work in, you very well could end up working with some of the same people at a new company. Also you may need to use them as a reference, or you may need to even contact them again to finalize something about your employment.

The same things extends to after you've left the relationship, never say bad things - just keep it to yourself. You never know when what you've said might bite you in the behind. If you are working for a new company and you keep speaking of your former employer in a negative fashion, the first thing that your new employer is going to think is that you will do the same to them and it sure won't help the new relationship. You also don't know who the person you are talking to knows, perhaps they might even know the person you are talking about, or may even meet them in the future.

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