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Dollarama – The Behemoth of Bargain Stores

It's kind of crazy how far along dollar stores have come, I have memories of years and years ago when I was younger of what dollar stores looked like and the products they sold, and these memories are not even close to how things are now. All I can remember is dreading going into these stores as a young-in, there was dust everywhere, the products were cheap garbage that broke as soon as you took it out of the package, and the selection was horrible. (I'm hoping these memories are real and I'm not exaggerating)

These days it is extremely incredible if you think about it. You can walk into a Dollarama and buy premium food like Smartfood, specialty big brand cookies, big brand chocolate bars and the list goes on. If you take a stroll you can also buy Tupperware like containers that used to cost 10x as much. Even the electronics section can have some nice surprises such as Apple iPad, iPad mini & iPhone cases, blank DVDs, headphones that work and sound decent. You can buy several things for the home for a fraction of the price, this includes but is not limited to CFL light bulbs, branded garbage cans (picture of Transformers, Dora, Disney characters, etc), Duct Tape, Locks, Shampoo and Conditioner, Soap, Brand Name cleaning supplies and much much more. Take a stroll into the crafts section and they have everything you need to entertain kids for hours on end. Sure the kids toys section isn't the greatest, but the bottom line is it exists and there are a few gems if you look good enough.

When Dollarama first announced they were going to start selling products for more than a dollar, I among others was very skeptical of this move. Originally I thought they would take the same stock that they currently carried and just re-price some of it for a higher markup. Thankfully we were wrong, with this change Dollarama brought in more variety and higher quality products. This move not only benefited Dollarama, but us as consumers.

For those of you who do not regularly shop at or visit Dollarama, you should start. You might be surprised what you can get there for cheaper than many other retail outlets.

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