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Do You Still Use a Land Line?

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, many people still have a land line as well. Do you really need both? Often without thinking we tend to just keep our land line active. If you feel you still need it, then do not get rid of it, but if you don't need it, why not just cancel it and just use your cell phone? These days coverage is better than ever, cell phones are often more clear and static free than land lines.

If getting rid of your old land line isn't an option, perhaps scaling back all of the features is. Do you need call waiting, call answer, call display, etc if you still use your cell phone?

Another option all together is change to voice over IP (VOIP). If you haven't heard of VOIP, there are a few other names such as Home Phone, Internet Phone, etc. Instead of going through the traditional phone line, it uses your internet connection. VOIP/Home Phone is typically cheaper than a regular land line. When you sign up you need to get an additional box to connect to your router/modem, from here you can plug your phone into this box or plug it into the wall jack and then use your phones from the phone jacks as you normally do. The voice quality is just as good if not better than a traditional land line.

One of the only drawbacks of VOIP/Home Phone is, since it relies on your internet connection if your internet goes down, so does your phone. Aside from this, VOIP/Home Phone offers everything a land line does and more. The price is also regularly cheaper. We strongly recommend if you feel that you need to have a phone at your home aside from your cell phone that you consider VOIP/Home Phone.

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